We are proud to introduce our service as one of the leading contracting and trading company. Constructing major tank age, pipe line, and mechanical projects. We are interested in associating with you for the execution of your ongoing & future projects and are pleased to furnish the details about our organization.

The commercial, technical, engineering and fabrication facilities are situated in the Royal Commission Industrial area, Al Jubail. Where our office staff establishes and maintain contract with our local and overseas clients. Our head office located at JUBAIL INDSTERIAL CITY, Support area No.3 and branch office at ALKHOBAR eastern province Saudi Arabia.

Total ground area of our facility is 50,000 sq.Mtrs. With 3 locations covered fabrication bays. Each bay is served by the one overhead traveling crane with an accumulative lifting capacity of 22 Tons.

And in the same location we have our Galvanizing plant with most modern technology from USA

Near to the same area we have our Concrete ready mix plant, with German technology.

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